My poetry deals with life situations, relationships, human needs and frailties, such as they are. Most are fictionalized, occasionally autobiographical, always putting themselves on the page.

A few have been published, most read aloud, some performed. All meant for those who have no need to pick them apart, but just to enjoy or relate to them on whatever level suits at the time.

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You have come into my life as quietly as the dawn --
And I welcome you as I do the sun

You warm my soul, my world, my self

I am willing to risk being myself with you

I feel like smiling all the time

What is this?
Joy -- pure joy

© 1999 Mary Keith Cornett  



Written for the wedding reception of Caroline Fahrney and David Kirchner, May 8, 1999:

      Let me preface this by saying it contains selected excerpts from original poetry (in italics), and that I apologize to those dance choreographers whose titles (bold) I have stolen.

      A historical review, as I know it, of the Nice Combination of Caroline and David, For Those Who Care.
      There were two dancers, whose eyes had connected and smiles traded, fantasies unknown and shared.
      She watched him across the room
      and began to imagine
      what it would be like
      to feel his breath on her.

      He moved among the dancers;
      muscles rippled on his back,
      sweat ran between his shoulders,
      yet he kept moving,

      He was being so cool.
      Trying not to succumb to Fast Living, they both attended a weekend that began on a Good Friday that followed the traditional day of over indulgence in Hot Turkey and Hot Buttered Rolls. Those gathered there had hopes of Dancing the Winter Away to Sweet Music, when David was drawn to Caroline, The Green Eyed Girl.
      Knowing it wouldn't be Reel Easy to overcome Ghosts from their pasts, they each maintained the Precarious Balance between Jubilation and a Compost Pile Breakdown.
      Because of the distance apart, The Road Less Traveled became an oft traveled highway at speeds Illegal in Most States, and they began Flirting with Love Again.
      These Unruly Reunions, when wanting to Be Here Now led to Making Hey, ended with pleas of Will Ye Now Come Back.
      The alternating Reunions proved not to be such a Piece O' Cake, as both Caroline and David realized that Every Second Counts. Neither Spring Fever nor a Harvest Moon could erase the Boomerang effect of these Flirtation Reels on the Two Gypsies.
      Realizing this was more than A Proper Trifle, the proposal was made to Be My Valentine.
      She moved in his direction
      He joined the movement.
      Hands touching
      Arms encircling
      Some Rollin' and Tumblin', they both knew it was Two for the Show, and no one could Take All the Credit. Families were introduced, but not On Approval; they both came saying, "I found The Love of My Life."
      Today, in this Country of Marriage, we watched as they were Twirling at the Altar and exchanging Wedding Rings. Michael gave permission to Kiss the Bride, er Groom, and Marjorie exclaimed You Married My Daughter!
      Tonight we celebrate your Nice Combination, soon there will be a Honeymoon, and then you will be on life's journey together.
      There will be times when little things, like Burning the Bacon or Bees in the Shower will make you want to Rant and Roar, and you'll each find yourselves in Duck Soup. Remember that it is all a balance of Give and Take. Don't become that "Growling Old Man and Grumbling Old Woman". Try a Soft Touch, Roll in the Hey, and a Second Time Around of Falling in Love Again so that we can all do your Anniversary Dance.
      May you have a long, loving life together. This wish from me,
 Sealed with a Keith

© 1999 Mary Keith Cornett


African Violets

The thoughts lingered of times when he would take out his knife
        and cut away the blossoms and shriveled leaves
                Not pinch them off
                  or pull them out
                      as she would have done
                But cut them off
                    neatly, sharply,

She would have gotten her fingers dirty, or at least
        moist from the plant

He was dry, removed
        Removed from life
        Cool, operative, acting as if he knew exactly what to do
        Speaking as if he had all the answers
                At least all the answers
                    that mattered

She questioned it all
        The method for cutting
        The need to touch the earth, the life of the plant
        Knowing the answers, or not
                And which ones
                    were important

The light began to fade
        Just soon enough to allow the plant
            some relief for another day
        Too soon to give life to their togetherness

He wanted to cut away
She wanted to pinch, pull, be part of it

© 1993 Mary Keith Cornett